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Free quotes available.  Call (440) 537-4292
We can work with you to design and publish your website.  We use numerous Web Design
software tools including Microsoft Front Page.  Additionally, some web hosting services allow you
to design your own site. We can help you with this option also. 

Typically the most popular web sites balance art with function.
We use this formula becau
se it works and brings customers more business.
Web Design is in itself a blend of art and advertising.  We will work with you
to design a site that you want.  A site that will meet your needs.  A site that
tells the world about your unique business.  We will also develop a logo for
your site if needed using our logo design services. 

We offer packages made up of design, marketing, e-tools, experience and price
that is the best value available today. Some packages start as low as $4.95 a month!
Please contact us to discuss you many web options at CPCMS.

We are specialists in ALL phases of your website development
Planning ...
  • Talk to you to determine which ecommerce features will meet your needs.
  • Research and register domain name(s) for your website ("Your")
  • Recommend an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that charges a reasonable rate and provides good service.
  • Help you with the setup process.
  • Decide on security needs for access and financial transactions
Construction ...
  • Manage the creation of web space for your website
  • Setup emails for the company and website
  • Establish rules for website and administration access control. 
  • Help you contact financial institutions that can take care of the credit card processing
  • Setup security measures
  • Create e-commerce website tailored to your business and products.
  • Help with content: pictures, text, product organization
Testing and Training ...
  • Post the website and conduct testing before opening it to the public.
  • Train you and your staff to operate the report generation capabilities of the website and the financial components.
  • Prepare your website for registration on the leading search engine to insure the "robots" see your site correctly.
  • Register your website with your choice of search engines so that your customers can find you.
  • Corrections and updates to the website
  • Additions to the website
  • Marketting the website
  • Adding features

We have designed this web site and other web sites for:

-Pete and Daisy Gourmet Dog Treats
-Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center
-The Bobby Rome Show
-Project Joy
-The Low Carb Store

-FAAOMS (Operations Managers Assn)
 Free quotes available.  Call (440) 537-4292


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